Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ben Franklin Response


In response to your essay, I feel that the way Indians are viewed in North America is absolutely sickening, but at the same time your views seem to be all but inaccurate. The title of your essay is called "Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America," and just this little point shows that we as North Americans will always have a hard time understanding Indian customs and vise-versa. There is no way that we could possibly relate to them even with differences in things like religion or ways of showing admiration and gratitude. We see them as savages for being respectable and wholesome people, and we're supposed to be the good ones with judgment for them running throughout our minds? My only concern is if this sort of judgment will ever change. We already judge the Indians for not being exactly like us in ways of religion, culture, and education; Well what about the differences between other cultures, races, sexes, etc.? This indecency is ridiculous and maybe, just maybe we as a people should start seeing ourselves and the Indians as one whole group rather than two separate divisions.